Sunday, July 8, 2007

New Improved PS3 (or Price Drop)

Well, it's official. Only hours after we finished recording our 10th podcast where we briefly discussed Sony dropping the PS3 price, Sony has declared a price drop of $100 for the 60 GB PS3 starting tomorrow(Monday the 9th). Or you can pay the normal $600 for a new PS3 SKU coming out in August in North America which will have an 80 GB harddrive and a copy of Motorstorm.

Apparently, Sony wanted to get this price drop out there before Microsoft's press conference Tuesday at E3 where Microsoft is rumored to be announcing a price drop as well.

I find it interesting that the PS3 considers the 20 GB of extra harddrive space worth $100. We've had many arguments about it with the Xbox 360 at XYBA because their 20 GB harddrive retails for $100 and their 120 GB harddrive retails at $180.


Thunderpudd said...

well it's about flippin' time. now that sony has finally dropped their pricing, the real exciting news is that MS is sure to follow suit. now i can get that 2nd 360 my wifes been wanting. oh yeah and i guess it's good news if you want a PS3 also.

aplusj said...

M$ won't drop prices. Instead they'll raise prices and say "Hey, how do you think we are going to pay for all these broken Xboxes?"

E-goD said...

To be fair, Andy, you get a copy of what is considered the best PS3 game so far and an extra 20 gigs of space for 100 bucks. I know your feelings on racing titles, but for the people that want a PS3 that's not a bad deal. Even if you just trade it in at gamestop or something you would probably get at least 20 or 30 bucks in value for it.

Jester013 said...

And don't forget that when you purchase a PS3, you get five free BluRay movies when you fill out and send in this form.