Friday, July 27, 2007

LOST Game Trailer

I'm a big fan of the LOST tv show, and when I heard about the video game several months ago I thought what a blow to the LOST universe. Well we haven't seen anything about the game till yesterday when the got an exclusive debut.

After watching the preview it feels like Ubisoft took Farcry and threw in the LOST characters. I wasn't impressed at all and now I'm more concerned that the game wouldn't be canonized with the TV show or LOST universe. There was one thing the LOST team was good at and it was creating this LOST world, where every fictional company and person in the show has a site and even a book was created that was written by one of the passengers who died on the flight. They have a really great ARG team running things.

Now this is only a trailer, but a lot of questions come to mind, just like they do when watching the show, like, will there be an ending? Will the TV show be complimented by the game? Will characters show up in the game that never show up in the TV show? Will there be boss fights? Why doesn't take me to the LOST section of Ubisoft?

Let's hope the game can be a fraction as good as the TV show and that you really don't need to find home because as fans know that was resolved on season 3.

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Jester013 said...

It looks like you play Jack. I was hoping for random unknown guy.