Friday, July 13, 2007

XYBA Podcast Ep 10

Better late than never, but episode 10 is finally up along with a video. That's what took so long. Join Andy, Charlie, Eric, and Josh as we talk about games, gaming news, and what we think will be at E3. I know, E3 is over, but I thought I would have this up sooner. Enjoy.

00:00 - Opening Music
00:32 - Games We're Playing: Resident Evil 4 Wii, The Darkness, Super Paper Mario, Call of Juarez, Simcity DS and Andy revisits Saints Row, Oblivion, and Crackdown, while Josh revisits Halo: CE
18:40 - Gamestop Darkness Phone # Code: 4263
26:50 - Gaming News: We have listeners and we're available on iTunes, PS3 Price Cuts, Microsoft Price Cut Rumors, Manhug 2 by Take Two, Mass Effect rated and release date rumors
36:20 - Hitler Xbox Live Subscription
36:50 - Josh's camera dies
37:07 - Andy Continues the News: Halo Wars doesn't update site on July 6th, Josh says the Halo Longsword is only in the books. Wrong! The Longsword is the aircraft that the Master Chief escapes in at the end of Halo: CE, Haze, 1-800-MAGIC ends after 4 episodes.
43:12 - E3 stuff (pre-E3 2007 info)
48:00 - Major Nelson and Series of Tubes
52:00 - What We are Looking Forward to at E3: Halo 3 Campaign, Nintendo bringing a dead franchise back, Halo Wars, Gears of War 2, Fallout 3, Mass Effect release dates, Home, and Wii Wear.
1:00:20 - Personal Problems with Xbox 360s
1:10:30 - Andy talks about banned modders purposely bricking their 360s
1:11:50 - Games We're Looking Forward To: Brothers in Arms on DS, The Office on DS, Contra 4 DS, Blue Dragon, GTA IV, Stranglehold, Zelda on DS, Fallout 3, Army of Two, Manhunt 2 unedited, Mario Galaxy, Skate, Bioshock, and Smash Brothers.
1:17:20 - Rants: Video Game Release Dates and No HUDS on games
1:20:00 - Shout Outs: Andy rigged the shout outs
1:21:09 - Outro

Download XYBA Podcast Ep 10


E-goD said...

I can't hear myself.

Jester013 said...

It's because you're too far away from the mic! Just like I said...

aplusj said...

Why didn't you listen to Andy you douche bag? Andy's in charge of audio for now on.