Thursday, July 26, 2007

Magazines become Future Proof

So it has come to the attention of "Official Xbox Magazine" that people don't seem to have the same interest in print news as they did back in ye olden times before the intertubes fed information directly into our thought buckets. So they have come up with the ingenious plan to offer their contents via the XBL Marketplace.

Now when I first read this article I felt enraged that they would have the audacity to charge me for a game demo, but I remembered that some people actually buy that mag for more than just the demo, so after reading further they mention that you would get news, videos, themes, gamer pics, demos etc. at 200MS points an issue. That makes it easier to swallow, but I'm still torn about paying for information that can usually be found free online. Part of me is a fanboy who would throw money away like an idiot for cool stuff, but the realist in me feels that being charged anything for things like is crazy and it should be free and subsidized by ad revenue. Either way it looks like our magazines have found a way to become "future proof".

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