Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Peter Moore Takes New Job

Peter Moore is one of the more well known faces of Microsoft's 360 division. He was the Corporate VP of Interactive Entertainment for Microsoft and the keynote speaker at most of Microsoft's 360 press conferences, most notably at E3 throughout the years. Moore has now stepped down from this position to run the sports division at Electronic Arts.

While most gamers know of Moore because of his strange way of showing off big Xbox announcements(getting them prison tattooed on his arm), Moore is still considered one of the most recognizable faces of Microsoft outside of Bill Gates. He has been with Microsoft for only four years but is credited with forming many alliances between Xbox and some big game publishing houses.

Moore says he is leaving Microsoft for personal reasons, but I'm sure his signing bonus of $1.5 million with EA and a yearly salary of $500,000 didn't hurt either.

Moore has been in the gaming business for a number of years, once having been the president of SEGA's American division. Before that, Moore was big in the sportswear industry, including Reebok and Patrick USA.

At Microsoft, Moore's position will be filled by Don Mattrick, who ironically was once a president at EA.


Jigsaw hc said...

Wow! I did not see that coming. Guess for that much money I would have taken the job too.

aplusj said...

Major Nelson has a 12 minute interview with Peter Moore. I'm curious if the relationship with Xbox will slant things to the 360s favor?