Saturday, July 21, 2007

Help Pick the Box Art for Call of Duty 4

Ever wondered why some gaming studio put out the ugliest box art you've ever seen on a game you were looking forward to? Well, here's your chance to help decide what art should be on the game box. Over at Infinity Ward's Charlie Oscar Delta website, they have different versions of box art for Call of Duty 4, and they would like your input on which one you'd like best or any changes you'd like.

You need to be a member of the site to see and comment on the pictures. There are five versions currently up, labelled Alpha through Echo. They are all fairly similar with a main modern soldier and then some soldiers and vehicles in the background. They vary mostly in positioning of the soldiers and the title.

While all of the box art shown is Xbox 360 box art, helping pick the box art will still have the same effect for PS3 and PC users.

And while you're at Charlie Oscar Delta, you can also check out the fourth perk that's been revealed: Sleight of Hand. It allows you to reload your gun faster which is always helpful, especially if you like using a SAW.

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