Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Andy's Live Impressions of Microsoft's Press Conference

This is just some of my musings about Microsoft's Press Conference at E3. I'm constantly editing this post as the conference goes. I'm watching the press conference through G4's website. Be warned: this is just kinda a stream of consciousness. Anything major from the press conference will get its own post later.

Five Halo fans from Libertyville, IL? Never heard of it. And I've been all over Illinois. Who are these fans? Oh, they're some kind of teenage band.

Why do I have to hear this band play Halo music? I've heard the Halo theme already. Why is the violin chick so far away from the band?

Video showing fire behind Xbox 360 logo? Is that a wise idea with the overheating issues?

Okay, I don't need to see Peter Moore rocking out to Rock Band. Nice Spinal Tap joke, though. And I could use some closer camera shots.

Why is G4 going to commercial?

Viva Pinata expansion or sequel? Meh.

Mass Effect looks kick ass. Shepard looks a lot better now.

MASS EFFECT on shelves in November!!!

Moore says "We think about a lot more than just hardware." Eric and Charlie would definitely agree with that.

Peter Moore loves to talk about his tatoos.

I should play that GTA: San Andreas.

Pretty decent job with the game montage.

Scene It exclusive to Xbox 360. Who cares? Interesting new controller for Scene It. Makes me care a little more. Ooh. Four controllers come with the game for only $60. Nice.

I've watched Nauruto. I don't understand what they're doing in it. Competing Ninja clans? I have no idea.

Ok, that game trailer really told me nothing about Nauruto the game. Is it just a fighter? An adventure? I guess I understand it as much as I do the cartoon.

Sports games. *zone out*

Awkward banter between professional football player and Jim. Stepping on each other's lines. Two guys in suits playing video games against each other.

Football player scores touchdown on Jim and starts trash talking. No wonder the kids on Xbox Live are such jerks.

7,000,000 Xbox Live members. New member every 8 seconds. Predict 10 million Xbox Live members by this time next year. (Do these numbers include banned or inactive accounts?)

Classic Bomberman on XBLA. I thought that was supposed to come out two weeks ago. Still sweet.

Hexic 2?

Sonic on XBLA. Doesn't that come out tomorrow? Same with Golden Axe.

I don't know what most of these XBLA games are.

Yep. I was right about Sonic and Golden Axe.

They seem to expect bigger cheers than they're getting. Is that because of the smaller group of attendees, most of whom are actually real gaming journalists? I know when I worked in news, we never cheered for anything.

Now they're pimping the downloadable videos.

Some of the movies they're showing as downloadable suck, some I own, but most(if not all) are old. Ok, I see, they're available in HD.

"Wildly popular 360 Elite"? Might not be accurate.

Is Jim really small or Shane Kim big?

Gotta mention Halo 3 again.

Racing games. bah

The game developer playing PGR needs to stop doing wheelies on the motorcycle. I can't see the environment when his headlights are pointed in the air since it's a nighttime race and raining.

The developers say that PGR is the first racing game that will allow you to share racing videos and pictures with your friends. Burnout Revenge allowed you to share videos with friends and other gamers...

PGR in September.

I don't know about that Lost Odysey. It might be okay, but it doesn't fill me with awe.

Viva Pinata and Gears of War to Windows.

Game editor for Gears of War on Windows? Cool.

Cliffy B looks cleaned up. He must have actually showered and shaved. He looks like Sherman from the American Pie movies.

You get to fight the one big monster in the Windows Gears. I wonder how much extra content is in the Windows version. One boss fight? One level? More?

10,000,000 gamers using Windows Vista? Doubtful. Maybe 10,000,000 copies of Windows Vista sold. Maybe.

Bioshock in August.

They keep saying Call of Duty 2 and Call of Duty 4. Do we pretend that Call of Duty 3 never happened? Just like Highlander 2?

Is someone always going to be telling you what to do in Call of Duty 4?

If they're going to keep this presser at the predicted 75 minutes, they better keep an eye on the clock.

Call of Duty 4 open multiplayer beta. Need to check that out. What was that site? charliealphadelta.com? (Edit: Nope. It was http://www.charlieoscardelta.com)

GTA IV trailer 1 & 2 were captured from an Xbox 360.

2 exclusive GTA IV episodes by Spring 2008.

Resident Evil 5 coming to Xbox 360. Trailer available July 26.

I thought they said all the games they were showing would be available this year. Resident Evil 5 won't be out until 2008 at the earliest.

Assassin's Creed. He jumps off a tall building and starts shoving people around.

I think the guy playing Assassin's Creed screwed something up. Or the woman narrating doesn't know what's happening.

Why are the Assassin's Creed enemies attacking him one at a time like movie thugs? That doesn't seem realistic.

Assassin's Creed November 2007.

About 80 minutes into press conference.

Halo Wars trailer. Kinda like Starcraft II's trailer.

Halo 3 Xbox 360. It's green. Is that just a skin? Kinda lame.

Moore's wrapping it up. Hey, where's my Xbox 360 price cut?!? Boo!

Halo 3 trailer time.

Good thing I'm recording this because I need to watch that Halo 3 trailer again.

Bah. Those kids are playing music again.

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