Friday, July 27, 2007

More Leaked Halo 3 Images

This post will have some SPOILERS, so for those of you who don't want to know anything about Halo 3, please don't read this or click on the images. Leaked copies of a Japanese magazine are showing up on the net with pictures and information about Halo 3. Unfortunately I haven't found a translation yet, but the pictures tell a lot about the rumors flying around.

Some of the things identified in the pictures are:
• Elites are playable in MP mode
• Elites have customizable armor as welll
• A successor to Lockout is in named Guardian
• The Elephant vehicle looks awesome and has multiple players on it and inside it
• More new ground vehicles and flying aircraft
• Forge is definitely a map editor, but not a full on editor, just the ability to edit objects on the current maps, like moving crates and weapons around. Also adding vehicles, like a Scorpion to High Ground
• A new Covie weapon that looks like it may be the laser equivalent

In all the game is looking great. The maps look tight and there seems to be a lot of new weapons and vehicles to play with. Also Forge looks like it will make custom games more customizable, plus Yahoo has posted information that the campaign mode will also see a points system that you can compare to others online. It will apparently gather your meta info after you complete a level. Sounds like a great way to prove that you beat the campaign in under 3 hours.

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