Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Microsoft Working on New 360?

Apparently, Microsoft is working on redesigning the Xbox 360 again. The new 360 is currently being called the Falcon. It is a smaller, quieter and cooler version of the 360.

As technology progresses, the components used in the 360 become cheaper and more improved. Microsoft also is working on fixing some of the original design flaws. Newer 360s already use some 65 nm chips instead of the original 90 nm chips. In the Falcon, all the chips are expected to be 65 nm which means the power consumption of the Falcon will be about half of the original Xbox 360.

Overall, the Falcon should function the same as any Xbox 360, just smaller, quieter and with less failure rates. Microsoft has not produced a release date yet for the Falcon or pricing.

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