Friday, July 20, 2007

Wii Need a DVD Playback?

I hate for my first post to be one running around the rumor mill, but with Nintendo's E3 conference being less exciting than changing my Mii's hair style what can I do? Apparently, a rep from Nintendo who would like to remain in the shadows has hinted that this fall Nintendo will be releasing an updated Wii, which just happens to include DVD playback.

Also it seems like Nintendo will be branching out and offering the Wii in a variety of colors. In addition, it looks like the software for the DVD playback will be available for users to download via Wii ware. So for those handful of people who don't own a DVD player, yet another reason to purchase a Wii.


E-goD said...

DVD playback is a waste feature. It was good for the playstation 2 because there was a lot of people who didn't have DVD players when that came out. Maybe they think it will expand to the casual gamer more with the ability to play movies, but I don't think it will if it ends up costing more.

Jester013 said...

I don't know. DVD playback is pretty good. I watch a lot of DVDs on my 360, and I always see a lot of Live friends watching DVDs on their 360s. And that's even with the knowledge that using it for watching DVDs might make it closer to melting down!