Monday, June 25, 2007

The Darkness delayed for PS3 in Europe

For some unexplained reason, The Darkness will not be released for the PS3 in Europe until July 20th. This is weird because it is still being released on time in the United States for the PS3 on June 25th. The Xbox 360 version will still be released on time in both continents(June 25th in the US and June 29th in Europe).

But the thing that I find really weird about it is that the PS3 doesn't have regions like the Xbox 360 does. So people in Europe can just buy a copy of The Darkness from an American outlet and have it shipped to them and play it without problem.

Why the delay? So far, 2K Games isn't saying.

And for those in the States, I saw that Circuit City has a deal on The Darkness when it first comes out - $49.99. $10 off!

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Jester013 said...

Now it's been released that the Xbox 360 version of The Darkness is also delayed until July 20th in Europe.