Tuesday, June 5, 2007

LOTR Online Update Details

The first in a "long line" of free updates for Lord of the Rings Online will be released June 13th.

This update is titled "Book 9: Shores of Evendim" and will feature a number of things:
  • Evendim - A new area 100 miles north of the Shire in northern Eriador. Highlights of the area are the Lake of the Twilight and the abandoned lakeshore city of AnnĂºminas, once the ancient capital of Arnor and famed amongst the Free People.
  • Music System Enhancements - The addition of new percussion instruments and the adaptation of the ABC music notation system
  • New Armor - Seven sets of epic armor with stacking bonuses
  • New Monsters - Nine new monsters
  • New Quests - Over 100 new quests with new NPCs and monsters. Ents will also be introduced.
  • New Raid - Team up with up to 23 other characters to fight the dragon Thorog in the Misty Mountains

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