Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sony loses father of Playstation... Does anyone still care?

Well as no big shock to anyone, Joystiq and everyone else on the webbernets has a blurb about Ken Kutaragi officially retiring from Sony. Does anyone really care, sure the man may have been a pivotal cog in our grand gaming history, but he was also an egotistical bat-shit kook. I think it was obvious after PS2 that he didn't really care about game programmers, and basically implied they were lazy if they couldn't figure out his machine. And PS3 only hammered that home more. Technically superior design? Maybe, but when it came down to real world manufacturing cost, budgets have to be in line, and again the machine runs in to limitations that he did not want to compromise. Oh well, it mentions he'll be working with his new company doing software now, maybe he'll be as successful as that other crazy bastard with the pricey high powered 3DO system, I wonder what he's doing now?

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aplusj said...

What the hell. This is news to me. Does that mean they will discontinue the PS3? What about Metal Gear? All of this so close to Father's Day.