Friday, June 29, 2007

Haze Writer Slams Halo 3

Rob Yescombe, scriptwriter for Haze, has been making the news lately with some anti-Halo 3 remarks. According to Kotaku, Yescombe said the following about his game:

"It's about what's happening in the world today - it's ludicrous, and how can you make something that doesn't reflect that? Well, you could bury your head in the sand and make Halo 3, but the fact of the matter is there are more important things at stake."

Of course, this is probably just some publicity grab, but that statement seems ridiculous to me. Haze takes place in like 2043. And it's about a wartorn country where there is possibly a dictatorship with its Mantel Troopers maintaining order and taking Nectar which empowers them in different ways. There are also guerilla fighters called the Promise Hand who fight against the government.

Is that the world today? And more importantly, I like to play video games to get away from the world today. For me, that's what video games are about. I don't love Crackdown because it's based in reality.

And no, I'm not slamming Haze. Looks like a good game and hopefully I will play it after it comes out. But to go around making crazy statements just for the publicity is lame(and apparently effective).

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aplusj said...

You just gave him the publicity he wanted. It worked. As for his statement, I think he's right. Games like Tetris and Mario don't address the issues we face today, like the Iraq war and gay rights, when they should. Tetris blocks can be replaced with missiles and Mario can be saving a dude instead of a chick. We need more topical games.