Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bungie Server for Saving Films

Frankie mentioned in his weekly Bungie update that Bungie will be supporting the Saved Films feature. To prove it he posted a screenshot of the server size which is a humongous 70.9 terabytes. Thats a good amount of space, but will it be for the hundreds of thousands of players who will use it on a daily bases saving their films? Most likely we'll all get an alloted amount, like we did during the beta. Lets just hope its more than 25 megs.

For those of you who don't know what the Saved Films feature is, basically you can save your game data after each MP match you play. This game data is then rendered to play the game again and will allow the user to pause and hopefully move the camera to other areas of the game to study how they died or why they survived so well. Frankie mentions in an older post that they also want to include the ability to trim the movie.

The game data can be saved to your 360 harddrive as much as your harddrive will allow, but now you'll be able to save it online where your friends can download it and watch it.

Another interesting thing is that Frankie mentions it will be used for saving screenshots as well. So we'll be able to pull stills from the footage as well, which is pretty cool. Remember kids, Halo 3 comes out Sept 25 and Sept 19th for the French.

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