Saturday, March 3, 2007

Two Worlds

I saw something about Two Worlds a while back but never really paid attention to it. When compiling the lists of March game releases, I came across the name again. It simply said "March 2007" release.

I looked deeper into it because I was interested. I highly doubt a March 2007 Xbox 360 release. I imagine the May release I saw for Europe to be closer to the US release. However, I saw that it is supposed to be crossplatform. Windows and 360. This peaked more interest because I didn't think that was available yet.

It's not. While the game should have crossplatform capabilities in the future, at release it will not. That's pretty disappointing but not unexpected.

However, the game still looks good. While originally touted as an "Oblivion killer," I don't think it'll be that in depth. But it still should be fun.

Single player and multi-player modes seem to be very different. Single player you can only be a human and have some quests. Multiplayer(up to 8 players in a world) allows you to choose from a list of races and you have different quests. You cannot use your single player character in multiplayer and vice versa.

Previews of the game seem to indicate a "card type" of skill/item/magic system. You can stack the cards on each other, making them better. You apparently can ride more than just horses, such as big lizards and other mounts. And of course, you can be good or a self-centered jerk. It's up to you. Necromancy is not in the world, but you can release it upon the world. So if you want to learn necromancy, others will start to use it against you. All in all, this game bears watching.

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