Wednesday, March 7, 2007

PS3 Home Video at

Jeff mentioned earlier about the PS3 Home rumor, but it seems a video is up at I have to say that PS3 Home looks insanely awesome. The amount of customization you can do to your character and the environment is more than I was thinking the system could handle. It basically looks like a Sims game, but it's a gateway to interact with your friends. It allows you to jump into other peoples games, but also you can play "arcade" games in this world, as well as share your music, pictures, and videos that are on your PS3 all in this virtual world. Download the video and watch in awe as PS3 has just changed what Xbox and Wii just introduced. Xbox Live will need to step it up to compete with something this nice.


Jester013 said...

Hmmm... Interesting, but I'm not as interested as I was. It's like the Sims except everyone's Sims. I've met people online. A lot of them suck.

The only part that I kinda liked was the trophy room, but the video didn't really spend much time on it. I had hoped you would be able to scatter the trophies and such around your private room, but it seems like you just fill that space with downloaded furniture. Meh.

E-goD said...

That solves my problem...I am probably going to get a PS3 one day. XBOX 360 is going down like Frazier, or Josh's wife. Zing!