Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Black Xbox 360 Confirmed by Game Informer

Kotaku is confirming that Game Informer is confirming that next month a black Xbox 360 will be on the market. Microsoft still is not budging on whether this is true or not. What will this include. Well a 120GB hard drive (nice), HDMI connections (that's swell), and a low price of $479 (what the hell!).

Not included is the HD-DVD drive (why the HDMI connections) and no confirmation if IPTV software/hardware will be built in. Maybe they are saving that for another Xbox 360 release. Boo.


Jester013 said...

Yeah, this rumor is once again burning across the internet. Everyone has scans from Game Informer. My problem? It's Game Informer's April edition. I never trust anything a gaming magazine says in April because of April Fool's Day. For some reason, these magazines love to put out fake news as a joke. And fake news is always easier to put together than real news.

aplusj said...

good point.