Saturday, March 3, 2007


Jeff Cohen had sent me a link before the last podcast talking about how Gametap is running a 1st month for $0.99 special.

I decided to check it out this week. I had seen the site before but thought that the $15/month was too much to try it.

Interesting? Yes. Nostalgic? Yes.

Also frustrating! Older, DOS games like from Infocom or Sierra will not save. It always has an error or says the disk is full or copy protected. Those games were not made to be played in one sitting.

Now I'm playing X-Com which I think I actually still have on CD around here. It's fun, but every so often it crashes out. Also, I accidentally built my base in Africa. Africa is very safe from aliens, but everyone else is pissed at me.

Also, you have to download every game you're going to play through Gametap. But you can only run them through Gametap.

So I'll probably end out the month, but that's it. Still, it's worth the 99 cents to play some old games from when I was a kid. But no save on Space Quest I means that the desert is frustrating and I get eaten. And I don't feel like going through the ship again.

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Jester013 said...

So I cancelled my account at Gametap today. It is very annoying to cancel. You have to either call them or chat with them. And their chat interface is VERY laggy.

When the guy asked why I was cancelling, I said "Only interested in a few games which either crash or I can't save the game." He had no response...