Friday, March 16, 2007

Nintendo Kicks Butt in February

I was told I need to post things on this page, and it should be Big N related so here you go...
NPD Data for the month of February shows one company clearly kicking butt. Can you tell which one?


DS - 485,000
Wii - 335,000
PS2 - 295,000
360 - 228,000
PSP - 176,000
GBA - 136,000
PS3 - 127,000
NGC - 24,000

I did some math, and that adds up to 980,000 units of Nintendo systems sold. Even the Game Boy Advance out sold the PS3, which I don't necessarily think is a good thing, because if I could afford it I'd like a PS3, so I want it to do well.
The unbeatable Playstation name was good enough to sell 598,000 systems. We won't discuss Microsoft because they only have one system on the list, which is strange, because I would guess somebody had to buy a regular Xbox last month somewhere, right?

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aplusj said...

I heard that "Hanna Montana" on the DS outsold every game on the PSP. I can't believe GTA didn't help the PSP out. I guess it came out way too late.