Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yes, Virginia, There is an Xbox 360 Elite

Ok, Eric keeps picking on us because we haven't commented on the confirmation of Microsoft's Xbox 360 Elite. Picking on us despite the fact that he quit us and says that we're too Xbox 360 biased. :-P (Which I am)

Anyways, yes. The Xbox 360 Elite is coming. We can now confirm or deny what were once rumors.

  • It will be the third available model. The Premium and Core will still be available.
  • It is $479.99
  • It has a 120 GB harddrive. (That's twice the size of PS3's biggest drive and 100 GB bigger than the Premium's harddrive.)
  • It has an HDMI port and cable. (I don't really understand HDMI, but I hear it's better.)
  • It's black. And it comes with one wireless black controller.
  • It still comes with Hexic HD on the Harddrive along with 3-5 demos and some videos(demos and videos vary depending on region).
  • It also comes with the composite cables and the ethernet cable like the Premium does.
  • It will be released in April in the US, possibly June in Europe.

So, what if you just want the bigger harddrive? You can buy the 120 GB harddrive seperately for $179. And there is some sort of cable/transfer system so you can transfer your 20 GB harddrive's contents to the bigger one.

However, there are limitations. You can only load one 20 GB harddrive onto the 120 GB harddrive. Every time you load a harddrive onto a 120 GB harddrive, it first wipes the 120 GB harddrive clean. After it transfers, it wipes the 20 GB harddrive clean. You can't load from a 120 GB harddrive to a 20 GB harddrive.

I'd like to point out that as people start buying up the individual 120 GB harddrives, you might be able to get some 20 GB harddrives for cheap on eBay... Also, if you are technically savy, Joystiq once again points out that you can actually use a SATA Western Digital BEVS drive for your 360.


E-goD said...

Still not going to be able to touch the future proof PS3. Long live Kutaragi.

aplusj said...

PS3 is not future proof because Sony will come out with a new format that will become the temporary standard. Ask any PSP owner how the UMD is going? Eric needs to shut his face.

E-goD said...

Ask any PSP owner how the UMD is going should not end with a question mark. And if you want to talk about "temporary standard" I think HD-DVD has to be the shortest lived, least accepted new storage solution ever. Blu-Ray has pretty much already swept it under the rug. So's your face.

aplusj said...

HD-DVD isn't doing bad. They aren't selling as much as Blu-Ray, but they are still selling movies. It would unsuccessful if it didn't sell movies at all, which UMD is doing horrorible at. So sweep your face under the rug. Zzzzzinger.