Friday, March 23, 2007

Listen All Y'all It's a Sabotage!

Apparently, PS3's Europe launch hasn't been going very well. And Microsoft isn't helping any. Reports are coming in of Microsoft agents pulling all kinds of stunts at some of Sony's PS3 release events.

Some of the stunts include driving boats past events with big signs saying "Xbox 360 (hearts) You", handing out chairs to people waiting in line with links to a site saying that Sony is late in coming to the Next Gen game, and sending out text messages of "The Xbox 360 team wishes you a good night" to game journalists.

One of the best things I saw was that Microsoft sent some bloggers £146 worth of Foster's. £146 is supposedly the difference in price between a Xbox 360 and PS3 although my calculations put it as $286.47 which seems wrong.

Hey, Microsoft! We're bloggers! But please, Bud Light instead of Foster's. Foster's gives me a headache.

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