Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lost Planet Map Packs

I'm just doing my job by reporting the news about games even if it means for games I loath. Capcom is releasing a series of map packs which start March 9th with 2 maps, Radar Field and Island 902, costing the user 400 M$ points. Can you say rip off? I can. There will be a free map on it's way. It is the free map, Battleground, that came with the Limited Edition version of the game. So it will be new to some, but not all.

I think maps should always be free. 6 months from now the online community for this game will have dramatically decreased (hopefully to the levels of Prey). No one is going to want to buy these maps if there is no community to support them. Plus the developers just divide up their gaming pool by not allowing certain players to play against each other because of different maps. Boo to you Capcom. Boo.


Jester013 said...

That was very unbiased, Josh. :-P

Just for reader benefit, 400 Microsoft Points is equal to $5.

aplusj said...

$5 is too much for 2 maps for a lame game.