Wednesday, March 14, 2007

PS3 Home, what the F**K!!!

Well it looks like Sony has caved into the pressure and are going to borrow one more page from Nintendo's playbook. Sony reps have mentioned in an interview that their Home service will be censored for foul language and behavior. Gizmodo has an excerpt and link to the full interview here but you dirty little doodles better be on your best behavior because big brother is watching you.... Yes you Bryan. Not only will they censor language through chats in the public areas, but if somebody feels that you acted offensively after being invited to your private areas (hahaha, I said private areas!!) they can report you, which I assume if this occurs too often will get you banned. If you ask me, since Sony said that their system is for adult gamers, then why limit your biggest potential feature for the smallest possible niche, maybe just make a "kids zone", this is really going to discourage all those Second Life converts.

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