Thursday, March 15, 2007

PS3 Home Not New?

There's some chatter about Sony's PS3 Home not being a new concept and being ripped off from this person or that. In fact, some people keep pointing to this forum post from 2005 about the future of gaming.

But I say that even this post is not new. The concept of an interactive online world has been around for along time. Cyberpunk stories usually have an interactive internet as part of their world. Anyone who knows about Shadowrun (which was first developed in 1989) knows about the concept of the internet being a place where people have avatars and wander around a world that looks like the real thing.

Remember, basically everything has been thought of in one form or another at one time. So, is PS3 Home a new concept? No. Just look at all the comparisons to Second Life. But Sony has the capability of actually pulling it off and putting it into the mainstream.

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