Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Comic: The New PS3

Today's comic deals with my thoughts on the upcoming 2.4 Firmware update for the PS3.

Yes, the comic is somewhat fanboyist. But as I was looking at the 2.40 Firmware update I couldn't help but notice the similarities to features already offered on the Xbox 360.

Trophies - Achievements.

Custom soundtracks - Have been available on Xbox 360 since launch.

In-game XrossMediaBar access - In-game Dashboard access has been available on Xbox 360 since launch.

But these are all good things. They will make the PS3 a stronger platform. I have no problem with the console systems stealing the good things from each other. In fact, I encourage it!


aplusj said...

obligatory reply
Zero Punctuation

Jester013 said...

Wow, that guy really hates Tim Buckley at Ctrl+Alt+Del.

aplusj said...

He hates everything. He, even at times, hates games.