Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rumor: E3 Changes for Next Year?

A couple years ago, the Entertainment Software Association decided that E3 was getting too big and diluted so they decided to scale it down. Many declared that this would be the end of E3. Last year was the first scaled down E3, and it was widely regarded as a disaster. This year's E3 was made a little bigger and came off better, but there were still complaints. Now a rumor has surfaced that the ESA is considering opening E3 to the public next year.

I'm all for this move. It would bring E3 back to the old days, except that now all those people who aren't really industry officials wouldn't have to pretend to be industry officials. It would make the companies take E3 more seriously again.

I understand the reasons behind the original scaling down of E3 and why some companies have stopped going. The event can place unneeded pressure on developers to throw something together. It can take time and money away from the development of the real game. Lots of money in some cases.

But it's also the best place to create a real buzz for your game. Of course, a poor showing can cause a real negative buzz for your game, earned or not. If steps aren't taken by the ESA, E3 will continue to limp its way to the grave as more and more companies will be no shows as time goes on.

But most importantly, if they opened E3 to the public, I'd know what I was doing in July next year...

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