Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bungies Started to Go Viral

Looks like Bungie has started their viral marketing or whatever you want to call it. Their home page has been converted into a error or warning screen with a clock that seems to be counting down to Friday. Once you click statistical processing continues it takes you to the normal Bungie site, but it's not completely normal.

It looks like Bungie removed the news section from the front. You can still find the news by digging through the links. The rumors on the forums are pretty weak as to what the big changes will be to Halo 3 online. Some speculate rank resets, which honestly is only a big deal to the hardcore players. Others believe there will be some changes to the Battle Rifle, while others hope that they have some new hosting and network code (maybe dedicated servers as one person suggest).

We won't know, it seems, until Friday though. I guess this is the change that Luke was referring to in the podcast. Hopefully when he uses the words "Major changes to the Halo 3 online experience" he's not exaggerating and it just turns out to be some new armor colors. Then again Luke Smith did talk up Halo 3 to be this insanely great game and it wasn't.

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aplusj said...

My bad. For some reason I thought today was Wednesday. Looks like we should get a Bungie update by tomorrow, which will actually be Wednesday.