Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Xbox 360 Repairs: Day Two

Within two hours of my repair being put into Xbox, I received an e-mail with the UPS shipping label. I didn't receive the e-mail from Xbox explaining the shipping options until this morning. (Although they sent the exact same e-mail again 3 hours later.) There are three different options. I thought I had asked for them to send me a box with prepaid shipping on it, but apparently, I went for the they send me a shipping label and I find my own damn box. Faster, yes. More annoying, also yes.

I used to have lots of boxes around, but I threw them out recently so I created this monstrosity from a larger box I had. Supposedly, they will ship back my repaired or replaced 360 in the same box.

After creating the box(which took a trip to two stores for packing tape), I wrote my Repair Reference Number on a slip of paper and attached it to the 360. I then packaged the 360 with some newspaper in the box and sealed it up. After attaching the shipping label(which also took me a while because my laptop wasn't synched with my printer), I braved a little downpour to get the box into a UPS drop box nearby right before pickup time.

The box barely fit, but it did fit. Now I wait for 2-3 weeks supposedly for a return. I can track my 360's repair status on http://www.xbox.com.

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