Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Games for Windows Live Now Free

In a move that many had hoped would apply to Xbox Live, Microsoft announced today that Games for Windows Live would now be free for everyone.

Games for Windows Live is a lot like Xbox Live, just for Windows based computers. It includes achievements, matchmaking, voice chat and cross-platform play with the Xbox 360. Microsoft also announced that they would be opening up a Games for Windows Live Marketplace like the Xbox Live Marketplace.

I'm sure this is an attempt by Microsoft to bolster their failing Games for Windows line. Of course, this will also spur more Xbox gamers to demand Xbox Live to be free. They can be like Josh.


aplusj said...

It's not too late to change your Xbox Live motto to "Make Xbox Live Free". Join the revolution.

Jester013 said...

Microsoft has also announced that they will be refunding people who have paid for Games for Windows Live and have remaining time left on their account.