Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mercenaries 2 DLC Coming Tuesday

EA and Pandemic Studios are releasing a DLC pack for Mercenaries 2 on December 16th. One great thing about this content? It's free for the month of December!

The Blow It Up Again content pack contains four additional game modes and a few "patriotic characters."

I'm not exactly sure what the patriotic characters, but I'm definitely downloading this. Of course, it's free. But it will also motivate me to finally beat the game. I had a lot of fun when I first got the game but then got distracted by some other games...

Update: Apparently, this DLC is already live on the Playstation Network so if you have Mercenaries 2 on your PS3, go ahead and get to downloading!


Jester013 said...

The DLC was released early!!! It's now live!

Mike said...

The "Patriotic Characters" are Palin and Obama. Freakin' hilarious!!! Watching the videos of that was almost enough to make me wanna buy the game!