Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GTA IV DLC Release Date Confirmed

Microsoft has confirmed the rumors that the new DLC "The Lost and Damned" for Grand Theft Auto IV will be available on the Xbox Live marketplace beginning February 17th.

This addition will allow players to play the character of Johnny Klebitz, a member of the motorcycle gang The Lost. It will also introduce new multiplayer modes, vehicles, weapons and music.

No official word yet on the price for this DLC, but I wouldn't expect it to be cheap.

The DLC will be exclusive(at least for a time) to the Xbox 360. DLC is expected for the PS3 in the future, but it may not be the same. Microsoft paid to get the first DLC for GTA IV.


E-goD said...

Seems like it will be way to late to still be relevant.

aplusj said...

I have to agree with Eric. GTA IV on the PC has been getting a lot of bad press and people seem to be over GTA IV. I guess a February date might help them in the slightest.

I find it interesting that the DLC is allowing users to play a new character. Let's just hope the missions are fun.