Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Games of the Year

We at XYBA decided that we couldn't let all the big blog sites have all the fun so we went cagematch style to determine our own games of the year. In the end, after a bout of bloody fighting(Josh fights dirty) we decided to just post all of our picks. Our choices after the jump. (Face, Charlie!)

Game of the Year:

Andy: Fallout 3
Charlie: Gears of War 2
Josh: Gears of War 2

Gears of War 2 gets the coveted XYBA Game of the Year award. Josh and Charlie love the Horde mode and are constantly playing it. Runner-up is Fallout 3.

Casual Game of the Year:

Andy: Scene It? BOS
Charlie: Rock Band 2
Josh: *Declined*

Probably the hardest category for us because we aren't big casual gamers. We're giving the award to Rock Band 2 with Scene It? BOS receiving the runner-up.

Co-op Game of the Year:

Andy: Left 4 Dead
Charlie: Rock Band 2
Josh: Saint's Row 2

A three way split! There were some good co-op games this year, online and off. I went with Left 4 Dead because this is a game that truly requires cooperative play to succeed. I tend to often go lone wolf on a lot of co-op games, but if you do that on Left 4 Dead, you're toast. Josh went with Saint's Row 2 because the co-op on it is so smooth and makes the game ten times more fun. Charlie went with Rock Band 2... no explanation given.

New IP of the Year:

Andy: Left 4 Dead
Charlie: LittleBigPlanet
Josh: Left 4 Dead

Our New IP award goes to Left 4 Dead. Valve did it again with a post-apocalyptic world where an unlikely group of survivors bands together to try and escape the zombie masses. The AI and the "Director" make the game different every time you play it, and the online versus mode guarantees you'll be replaying this game. We can't wait for more DLC or Left 4 Dead 2. Runner-up is LittleBigPlanet.

RPG of the Year:

Andy: Fallout 3
Charlie: Fallout 3
Josh: Locks Quest

Fallout 3 is our RPG of the Year. Bethesda did it again. They took a beloved franchise and changed it without fucking it up. The massive post-apocalyptic world of Fallout 3 is beautiful and deadly. This is a game we spent countless hours on and still went back for more. Runner up is Locks Quest on the DS.

Shooter of the Year:

Andy: Saint's Row 2
Charlie: *Voided*
Josh: Saint's Row 2

Charlie's vote was voided since he picked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which came out last year. Our Shooter of the Year is Saint's Row 2. I don't know if this won awards from many other organizations, but we love us some Saint's Row 2. This game has what so many games tend to miss: fun! Saint's Row 2 is possibly THE most fun game I played all year. Much of the fun is from co-op, but the game stands without it as well.

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