Sunday, December 14, 2008

Gears 2 Combustible Map Pack Available Tomorrow

It had been rumored before, but it was just confirmed on Spike TV's Video Game Awards - a new Gears of War 2 map pack will be available for download on Xbox Live tomorrow(technically midnight PST).

The Combustible Map Pack will include three new maps for use in multiplayer.

Flood is a map filled with imulsion which rises throughout your game, causing the safe areas to shift. Fuel Station takes place around a gas station. Gold Rush seems to have a lot of high ground/low ground.

No official word about the price of these maps, but rumor prices it at 800 Microsoft points.


Jigsaw hc said...

$10 for 3 maps is pretty steep. I'll wait and see if people like them a lot. If not I'll play the 15 maps I already have and hope these are free later.

aplusj said...

I agree. It is 800 points according to I only play Horde and the maps they have right now are sufficient enough. I'll wait for when they go free in several months.

莫莫 said...
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