Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rumor: Splinter Cell Release Date?

I ran across this release date the other week on Gamestop's website, but apparently it's starting to appear with other retailers as well. Splinter Cell: Conviction is being listed with a February 2nd release date.

Personally, I don't put much stock into this. I think there would have been a much bigger to do about the official release. And it doesn't fit with Ubisoft's fiscal plans. So I wouldn't bet on this rumor.

... Unless the game is beyond salvage and Ubisoft is going to quietly release it just to get it over with.


Jigsaw hc said...

That would be really cool. It seems like it has been in development forever.

Jester013 said...

Yeah, supposedly they restarted from scratch at one point. I was really looking forward to this game when it first was announced, and I'll probably get it no matter what when it finally does come out.