Sunday, December 28, 2008

Rant: I Hate Game Freezes!

I've had to deal with some game freezing on my Xbox 360 lately. It seems to be certain games and not the Xbox itself(hopefully). But it's very frustrating, especially when playing games without a real save system.

I picked up Call of Duty: World at War on sale at Best Buy last week. I beat the campaign playing split-screen co-op in one sitting. It seemed like it was going to freeze at one point but unfroze after a few seconds. I then played online multiplayer for a few days - no problems. I went back to play the campaign on solo(there's more missions and achievements on solo). The game has frozen on me a few times trying to go solo. So I stopped playing.

I instead moved onto The Incredible Hulk. Sure, it got some bad reviews, but I picked it up from Gamefly for like $9. I found out that I actually enjoy it. It reminds me of Spiderman 3 except that it's fun.

When I'm doing the missions and such, it runs fine. But I'm trying to get an achievement for destroying an entire New York neighborhood. I chose Spanish Harlem. Because it's the smallest neighborhood.

However, it's froze up twice while I've been on a massive rampage. Today I took my score from 900,000 to 2.9 million while on a level 8 rampage and destroying 69% of Spanish Harlem. Just as I was thinking I should start a mission or something before it froze up - it froze. I did get an achievement or two while on my rampage, but all the powers and such I unlocked will be back to locked when I boot it up again.

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