Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sony Cancels Eight Days and The Getaway

Sony has announced that they are permanently shelving two games that were being developed at their Sony London Studio - Eight Days and The Getaway. Both games were slated for release on the Playstation 3. Sony says they will be redistributing the resources and budgets for both games to other projects.

These games were being developed under the umbrella of Sony Worldwide Studios which recently underwent a change of presidents with Shuhei Yoshida taking charge.

Eight Days was originally announced at 2006's E3 and looked to be a shooting/driving game that took place in the Arizona desert.

The Getaway was a continuation of The Getaway series. The series has been described as GTA's retarded cousin. It was originally shown at 2005's E3 and then again at 2006's. However, then it faded to the background. Apparently, it never really got too far in development.

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