Friday, June 27, 2008

Good bye Bill Gates

Today is Bill Gates's last day at Microsoft. Kind of. He is going into semi-retirement. Gates will step away from the day to day operations but will stay on as the company's non-executive chairman.

A non-executive chairman is a part-time officeholder who chairs the main board of the company and provides advice to the CEO. Gates will still be seen as the political figurehead of Microsoft. But will people and fanboys still be able to blame Gates for every little thing Microsoft does? I don't think anybody can take Bill's place in that department.


E-goD said...

I don't consider this video game news. How much can he take the credit/blame for the Xbox outside of MAYBE (and that's a big maybe) approving the development/launch of the system.

Jester013 said...

So, you're saying that computer gaming isn't gaming? Because nobody plays games on a Windows based system?

E-goD said...

Short answer... no.
Long answer... obviously not, only geeks and otaku buy games for computers. and people with way to much money to spend on a set-up to play games that's not worth what it cost the moment it's purchased.