Friday, June 27, 2008

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 DLC Coming in July

More free downloadable content is on the way! This time the DLC is from Ubisoft for Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and is called the "Fan Pack." The Fan Pack includes three new maps, new ranks, new A.C.E.S. and more and will be available for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

The "new" maps aren't really that new. One is a remake of of the Calypso Casino from Rainbow Six Vegas. The other two are maps from Rainbow Six Vegas 2 - Murdertown and CQB Training, but this time they are set at night so it's dark.

Ranks will now go beyond Elite(all already earned XP will still count). A.C.E.S. will now go to rank 100.

There will also be changes to the game itself. The grenade indicator will be more accurate. Health regeneration is disabled. Friendly fire will also be enabled. Camera view will be limited while under cover. Aim assistance will be disabled. There will be less ammo. Bullet spread will be increased when not zoomed in. Kill camera is always disabled. Friendly fire is always enabled.

There will also be changes to some of the equipment and weapons: Zooming in and out will be faster. LMGs will have higher base accuracy. Snipers will have increased damage at long range. Adjusted rate of fire for some Assault Rifles, Shotguns and an SMG. C4 and incendiary greandes will detonate faster.

And there will also be changes to the respawn options, chat options and score displays.

All this for the low, low cost of nothing. Although I would call this more of a patch than a real DLC. The maps are nice, but as I stated, they aren't really that new. I do like that there will be more ranks and A.C.E.S. Especially the A.C.E.S. I had maxed out most of mine.

Look for the patch, I mean DLC sometime in July.

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