Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Saint's Row 2 Trailer Calls Out GTA IV

The developers over at Volition have released a new trailer that makes fun of some of the new aspects of GTA IV which gamers have found annoying. The trailer definitely throws down the gauntlet and lets the gaming community know that they plan on trying to beat GTA IV(plus it's pretty funny).

In particular, the trailer makes fun of GTA IV's bowling, watching TV and hanging out with friends at the cabaret. The trailer also shows some of the aspects of upcoming Saint's Row 2 like hijacking septic tankers, robbing liquor stores, disguising yourself as a cop, collecting insurance claims, flying barnstorming airplanes, base jumping, car surfing, working security for a rock band, underground fight clubs and just general mayhem.

Watching the trailer might give you an idea of why I've been looking forward to Saint's Row 2 for so long.

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aplusj said...

Damn. Just from the trailer alone I can see that SR2 did the stuff that GTA IV should have. Sure GTA IV has story, but after a while you just want to destroy the city. I'm crossing my fingers that bug fixes are a major priority.