Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Microsoft to Blame for Red Rings

It turns out that most of the "red rings of death" on Microsoft's Xbox 360s are all because of one chip in the original Xbox 360. The chip is the graphic chip or GPU (graphics processing unit). And the chip was manufactured by... Microsoft!

Microsoft apparently tried to cut costs by creating their own chip instead of going to a third party. As we all know, this cutting corners ended up costing Microsoft in their $1 billion recall and warranty extension.

Microsoft should remember their roots - software(although I do love my 360...).


aplusj said...

I wonder how much more the 360 would have cost if they went with a third party? I couldn't imagine too much more since they had to do their on R&D and then pay to equip a plant so that it could build their chips.

Too bad they don't explain why an Xbox 360 gets the error message that the game should be played in an xbox 360.

Jester013 said...

That message is confusing. i usually just wipe the disc and then it works fine.

E-goD said...

That error is why I got rid of my first Xbox 360. It happened every time I put a game in.

E-goD said...

Also, regardless of who made the chip, Microsoft is to blame for all the broken systems. Their name is on the box, so they are responsible for it's problems. The Gamecube failed miserably last gen because of Nintendo's mistakes. Yes, they made good games for it, but they did a bad job of marketing it and getting other companies to put good games on it.