Sunday, June 29, 2008

Opinion: Xbox 360 Achievements Should Be Stackable!

I got Battlefield: Bad Company when it came out. Great game. A lot of fun. But it suffers from a problem that a number of Xbox 360 games do: non-stackable achievements. There are achievements for beating different levels on Normal and Hard. I beat every level on Hard the first time through, but the achievements aren't stackable so I don't get the achievement for beating the level on Normal unless I go back and play the levels again.

Like I said, this isn't just a Battlefield: Bad Company issue. There are many games that do this. Do the developers think that if I beat the level on Hard I won't be able to beat it on Normal? Or is this just a cheap way to get more replay value out of the game?


aplusj said...

It's definitely a cheap replay trick. I think if you beat a game on hard on the first try, then it's a nice bonus to get additional achievements for the normal setting. Halo 3 did this and we all got huge achievement points for beating it on Legendary.

E-goD said...

I'm not a big achievement fan, but I don't think you should get achievements for beating a game. You should get them for doing something cool, or finding something clever the developers put in the game. Beating a level isn't an achievement, it's the point of the game.