Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rumor: Microsoft to Announce Xbox 360 Blu-Ray Drive

You've probably seen a ton of rumors over the years about Microsoft, the 360 and a Blu-Ray Drive. Well, here's another: supposedly Microsoft will announce a Blu-Ray drive for the Xbox 360 tomorrow which will be available by Christmas.

I've seen this rumor on few sites and heard rumblings for a week or so now. The new batch of this rumor today seem to stem from one person who has a "close friend" who works at Microsoft. Supposedly the announcement will be tomorrow at 9 am in an attempt to upstage Apple's Worldwide Developer's Conference.

Look, I think it's inevitable that Microsoft will eventually make a Blu-Ray drive. Even if they have said many times that they never would. They also said they would never make a bigger harddrive for the Xbxo 360. I don't know if this announcement will actually happen tomorrow, but I'd think it would happen someday.

The real question is what kind of Blu-Ray drive will it be? Will it be an accessory like their HD-DVD drive or will it be internal? Will this mean a new SKU for the 360? Maybe we'll find out tomorrow...

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