Saturday, June 7, 2008

Opinion: Xbox Live Marketplace Needs Reworking

With the news that Microsoft is delisting some arcade games, I decided to go online and look at some of these games. And the Marketplace is definitely a mess. I don't think that delisting games is going to really make the Marketplace more manageable.

There are a lot of good things on the Marketplace. The problem is finding them!

There are so many things on the Marketplace and the navigation system is terrible. Even when you find things that look like they might be decent, you can't usually tell from the description.

I downloaded the full version of Warlords, thinking it was the PC game Warlords I remembered from high school. Instead, it was some other game called Warlords. Is it too much to ask for a screenshot or two in the description area?

Also, why do only some of the Gamer Pics have pictures of what pictures you are actually getting? Many of the Gamer Pic packs make you just guess what the pictures will be or do a search on the internet to try to find it.

The categories themselves also need work. There should definitely be at least a "Free" category. And I could use a search feature or a page scroll option. Sometimes I know exactly what I'm looking for, but I have to scroll through hundreds of titles to get there.

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