Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Xbox 360 Arcade Released

Just when you thought Microsoft had released all the Xbox 360 SKUs they possibly could, they go and release another. Welcome the Xbox 360 Arcade.

The Xbox 360 Arcade has been getting a lot of slack by gaming sites. And to be honest, I probably won't be much kinder.

The Xbox 360 Arcade costs just $279.99 and comes with a 256 MB memory card, a wireless controller, HDMI outputs, and 5 Xbox Live Arcade games (Boom Boom Rocket, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, Pac-Man Championship Edition and Uno).

Obviously, it's better than the original Xbox Core system. So what's with all the complaining?

Look at this picture.

If you didn't know any better, you would think it came with 5 real games instead of 5 Arcade games.

A 256 MB memory card? That will fill up in no time. Can that even fit all the Arcade games on it?

The Xbox 360 Arcade is simply Microsoft trying to lure casual gamers into the Xbox world. The price is compatible with the Nintendo Wii. Once players get hooked, they'll have to upgrade to a harddrive to do any real gaming. Not to mention Xbox Live.

I know casual gamers are all the rage right now, but I say screw the casual gamer. Either you're a gamer or you're not, and in my book, casual gamers are not.


Thunderpudd said...

jeez, why you gotta be hatin' on the arcade games. i don't understand why people haven't accepted the fact that the core was and still is an entry level package. why complain about 256? it's better than none, hell the Wii only has 512 to start, not that big a jump in the downloadable games world. M$ wants people to by more accessories (mem card, hard drive) as they have better margin. and if a consumer was too ignorant to not realize that the "arcade" bundle only came with 5 full "arcade" games then shame on them, especially when there is a picture of two of those on the front. it may be time for us hardcore gamers to accept the fact that it is all going mainstream, casual, etc and be happy that the industry as a whole is growing, which will hopefully lead to better, new games (dead rising, bioshock, mass effect) instead of the shitty rehashes and endless sequels we grew up with. jeez this came out longer than i intended... booyaka!

Jester013 said...

Haven't you learned by now? I AM a hater. People try to put something new in the world, and I hate on it.

Anyway, I did concede that the Arcade bundle is better than the original Core system(of which I also am not a fan).

But I refuse to accept the mainstreaming of gaming at the cost of exchanging "real' games for casual games. I can't believe it, but I'm siding with Josh. Your grandmother shouldn't be playing the Wii. It demeans us all...

E-goD said...

I don't use Live... does that mean I'm not a real gamer. Excuse me for thinking people who are willing to pay to play games online are suckers.

Jester013 said...

Do you really want me to answer that?

Thunderpudd said...

i think i may be a sucker, i just bought my second year of gold service last night.

Thunderpudd said...

oh also i think haters are important as well, raging against the machine helps keep big companies on their toes. HATERS FTW!