Friday, October 5, 2007

Bungie is Independent Now

It's official! Bungie and Microsoft have agreed to allow Bungie to return to it's independent status and will now be known as Bungie, LLC. According to the Bungie Weekly Update:

Bungie has long been built on creativity, originality and the freedom to pursue ideas. Microsoft agreed, and rather than stifle our imagination, they decided it was in both our best interests to unleash it. We’ll continue to make Xbox 360 games, and we’ll continue to make amazing games for MGS. In that regard, nothing has changed. All that has changed is that now Bungie Studios is once again, the property of the folks of Bungie Studios. Microsoft is and will continue to be, a brilliant, inventive and creatively collaborative publishing partner. Practically speaking, nothing has changed and you guys won’t see much, if any difference, for a while unless you come to work for us, that is – we’re hiring at

It's good to see that it was a friendly-looking split and that the Halo franchise is still in good hands. I can't wait to see what new stuff Bungie brings to the fans.


Thunderpudd said...

Now they can finally make that new game they've always wanted, set in the future, about a space army ranger who is the worlds sole hope for saving the planet Dearth from the evil alien race. I think it was code named Shmalo.

Jester013 said...

Forget Shmalo. Shmalo 3 is where it's at!