Monday, September 3, 2007

Dead Rising 2 Rumor

A few whispers are hitting the nets about the sequel to a game I love: Dead Rising. Rumors say that Dead Rising 2 might make an appearance at TGS(Tokyo Game Show) which will be held September 20th-23rd. Rumors also say it may not be an Xbox 360 exclusive.

Now there's already fanboys flaming each other over the exclusive issue. Personally, I don't care about it being exclusive. I just want to play it. If Capcom makes it available to more than one console(which they've been talking about being non-exclusive in general for months), that just makes sense because they can make more money. Remember the truth: it's always about money.

For some reason, with this rumor, another one seems to follow it. That Capcom will be releasing Lost Planet on the PS3 as well. Why is this rumor so popular? It could be true, but that wouldn't change the fact that Lost Planet sucks!


aplusj said...

I can't wait for Dead Rising 2. I just called M$ and they said my 360 is on it's way home. I think I'll revisit Dead Rising. Lost Planet does suck.

Mike Anderson said...

Yeah, Lost Planet does really suck. Dead Rising 2 would be cool.

Thanks for making me feel like the one and only listener in episode 12. That was sweet chickens!

Hey Eric, try playing with the "framerate lock" in the options menu of Bioshock. That's supposed to be there for the freezing issues. I've never had that problem though.

Jester013 said...

Look at Anderson. Proving that he listens to our podcast. Kudos!