Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Halo Leaks Have Begun

Looks like the leaks have begun, so I will be getting off the Halo 3 boat until Sept 25th. No spoilers after the jump.

There were several copies of a PAL version of Halo 3 being sold on eBay that are being "confirmed" as real. 2 of the Halo 3 copies have been removed. Forums are saying that you could e-mail the seller for proof and the seller would e-mail you some images from the first cut scenes. HBO said they would shut down the forums to prevent any spoilers from getting out, but they are still up and running.

Apparently the eBay sellers are also posting links to Halo 3 spoilers. I will avoid the forums, even though the forum ninjas are on full alert. I imagine they won't be able to stop the Halo 3 storm that will be taking place in the next 2 weeks. I should probably put in my time off request. Master Chief dies at the end, but not before traveling back in time to stop the Covies.

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PuLseLoGiK said...

No one cares for Halo as much as you but thanks for the posting. It amazes me why people would want to spoil the game before they even get to play it. That's the whole point to experience it. More after the jump.


Wee. Jumping now. This is so much fun. Let's jump some more. *Jumping in Circles*

Halo will sell fast and many, that is for sure. No cares after the jump.

*jump* tee hee

Microsoft and Bungie will bank big time. Everyone knows this. Even though there are haters out there, they'll all be online playing. I am sure I will see you all there (all 10 of you that frequent this blog) and yes I will be dying aplenty as Halo is not my life *cough-cough-hmprf-Josh-cough-cough*