Monday, September 24, 2007

Halo 3 Inspires Crime Spree

Not only is Halo 3's impending release inspiring fanboy frenzy, it is also inspiring a crime spree across the country. For the past few days, reports have been coming in from all over the country about people breaking into stores in order to get their hands on Halo 3.

I went to a local Game Force today and noticed the front window had been replaced by a board. As I made idle chit chat with the girl at the counter, I asked if they were ready for Halo 3.

She became agitated and explained that they had been broken into twice in the last three days, primarily for Halo 3. The thieves also took other games(including the cheap version of The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle Earth I was trying to buy) along with Halo 3.

Gamestops have also been a target by thieves elsewhere in the country along with some other stores. Of course, as of this posting there are only about two and a half hours until Halo 3's release at midnight so hopefully the crime spree can come to an end and the killing of the Covenant can begin.

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Thunderpudd said...

that is just super shitty. i mean it's crappy for the business owners that get ransacked, but they have insurances for things like that. what really sucks is that the people that pre-ordered at these stores will be denied their day one release because some douche-bags want to make a quick buck on ebay.