Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Viva Pinata Couple on Myspace

Look at that rockDid you think the Jacksonville, FL couples engagement was sweet? You know the one where they guy asked his lady to marry him by using the game Viva Pinata. Now you can visit them on Myspace and join their friends list.

The myspace page includes videos of the different local and cable shows that covered the story. There are also links to a bunch of blogs that reported the story, including our own, and the couples gamer tags. Now Andy and Dave can have the battle of the wits online through Halo 3 campaign meta game.


Falthorn said...

Awesome. That guy's a real class act. He's number one friend material. I kinda wish he was my dad. If I were a lady, I'd ask him to prom and maybe to go steady.

Procrasturbate said...

A battle of wits on H3 we shall have.